Rules of the House

Dear guests,

welcome to our appartment Auszeit!

You will spend your holidays in a private appartment. I have tried to organize a comfortable and modern equipment. I hope you will have a splendid stay in my appartment.

The following rules of the House are only a guideline describing how i think about the use of the appartment and the equipment. I hope that you will respect the rules. Through an ordinary use of the appartment you help me to present you a beautiful appartment also in the future.

General: if you are missing something within the equipment or if you need help, you can always contact me. All equipment in the appartment can and should be used by my guests. Pls use all equipment with due diligence and also your follow-travellers.

Kitchen: pls range only clean vessel, sets of instruments, pots and tools in the cupboards.

Rubbish: As waste segregation is mandatory I would be grateful if you could help in this matter. Pls ask me for details when arriving. If the rubbish is not duly segregated, I must invoice you a fee of EUR 2,20 per kilogramme.

To the smokers: no smoking in the appartment! All damages like burns and holes produced in the furniture, bottom, bed linen, table-cloth, etc, will be invoiced at the repurchase price which is not included in the renting price. Therefore, smoking is only permitted on the bank before the house where ash-trays are at your disposal.

Keys: The keys of the appartment can also be used for the entrance door. Pls always keep the keys with you. In the case of loss, you have to pay the repurchase price.

Bath room: Pls do not throw hygiene products or left-over in the toilet. In the bath room you will find a washing machine.

Time of rest: Pls respect the night time of rest between 21h30 and 07h30.

Damages: Damages are normally not produced with intention. So pls inform me about damages before the final leave of my appartment. You are liable for any costs produced by damages to the extent of the purchase and/or reparation price.

Parking: The parking will be shown to you upon arrival.

Departure: The appartment is given over by the letter in clean situation. Therefore I would be grateful to get it back also in clean status. All rubbish must be segregated. Pls also remove the bed linen. The appartement can be returned also in the evening before the day of departure if this is not possible on the day of the departure.

Attention: Payment by credit card is unfortunately not possible. Pls pay in advance to my account.

Due diligence: Pls always close windows and doors before leaving the appartment to avoid damages by eventual bad weather. The letter is not reliable for valuables of the tenant. The renting fee includes the costs of overnight stay, the bed linen, the towels and tea towel (changed once the week).

The guest accepts the rules of the House in the moment of booking.

I am at your disposal for all other questions under +43 676 9704953.

I wish you a nice stay and a relaxing time.